Founded in March of 1976, Packaging Systems, Inc. (PSI) is a distributor and packager of a wide range of chemicals, sealants, adhesives and coatings.  With an emphasis on user-friendly packaging with quick turn-around times, we have become one of the preferred suppliers for many aerospace, electronics, missile, industrial and OEM customers.  Since we have the ability to respond quickly to AOG requirements, PSI has become a familiar name with many airline, subcontractor and repair facilities.

We package epoxy, urethane, polysulfide and silicone chemistry materials.  Several packaging types include:  Bipak, barrier and injection kits, dual "side-by-side" cartridge kits as well as small metal, glass and plastic jars, and bottles.  We can pre-mix and freeze materials in various syringe and cartridge sizes and ship materials under dry ice conditions.

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